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montibelloDo you despair everytime you have to wash, blowdry and straighten your hair?

Do you have to run for shelter everytime there is the slightest bit of drizzle?

Morphosse by MONTIBELLO is our brand new treatment range of professional haircare products. We have had the pleasure of trialling it`s smoothing service and three lovely volunteers have given us some really honest feedback.

Meet The Girls

How would you describe your hair?

Becky: frizzy, partly curly

Ali: frizzy over dried, over straightened.

Rea: Kinky, curly, frizzy, puffy “cavewoman hair

What do you dislike most about your hair?

Becky: It`s reaction to moisture and having to blowdry and straighten it so much.

Ali: Waking up with it all over the place and having to wash it at least once a day>

Rea: Frizz, kinky and puffy.

What are you hoping to achieve from your smoothing service?

Becky: lower maintenance hair

Ali: less time spent on hair everyday

Rea: relax the amount of frizz and puffiness

Now you`ve had the smoothing service describe the look and feel of your hair

Becky: smooth and shiny

Ali: Hair feels amazing, smooth and moisturised.

Rea: AMAZING feels like completely different hair total transformation.

On a scale of 1-10 10 being the best how comfortable was the service to have done

Becky: 9

Ali: no problems at all 10

Rea: 8

Was any part of the treatment uncomfortable? If so which part?

Becky: no

Ali: no

Rea: the straightening part was a little uncomfy.

We asked the girls a variety of questions about the feel, condition and maintenance of their hair. Collectively they either agreed or strongly agreed that the MONTIBELLO smoothing service has pretty much changed their lives!

Becky: I went to Victorious festival on Saturday in all that rain and survived, no frizz at all!

Ali: Treatment defiantly strips colour from hair but a small price to pay. Thanks again.

Rea: This product is an absolute miracle. I really can`t recommend it enough! This product has cut down my drying and styling time from 30/40 minutes to just 10 minutes rough drying after washing.

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